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Aicobotix Presents QiCHECK-2 at WOF Expo

October 21, 2021

Slovak startup Ecobotix An upgraded version of the QiCHECK solution recognition system was launched at the recent WOF exhibition in Bratislava. QiCHECK-2 uses a camera to recognize objects and learns the entire system instantly based on recognition of good samples.

In this way, product conformity, assembly, type and quality can be checked by careful comparison with good samples. ivermectin for horses best price If an incorrect sample is detected, the operator is informed immediately.

The camera sees the scene, recognizes it and then evaluates which category it will be placed in. ivermectina preo nissei The whole learning process is fast and can be handled by an ordinary worker, which is a good advantage when production changes.

All recognition results are also available online via a standard web browser. Deployment does not require significant involvement of the existing line and production data is processed in an easy-to-understand format. Additionally, the entire solution can also be rented and its features tested.

At WOF EXPO 2021, Aicobotix demonstrated inventory recognition with QiCHECK-2 in this way. She was introduced to the categories of ’empty space’, ‘pallet in the right place’ and ‘pallet with sweets’. The categories were recognized by a camera placed above the test area and the system quickly interpreted the visual image of the virtual warehouse.

Here again, the company has demonstrated how quickly QiCHECK-2 can learn what good housekeeping is when changing desired behavior.

The camera as a smart sensor represents a visual system with a very fast execution. When you do this, the camera sensor identifies changes in the scene with the support of machine learning. The whole system is suitable for factories with conveyors and can inspect multiple parts simultaneously. side effects of ivermectin in dogs It only needs a moment to evaluate and does not require special knowledge to be learned on-site at the production site.

watch this video To learn more.

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