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Ventia – Bringing new meaning to flexible work

At Ventia, they value their employees and offer a range of benefits to help them take care of themselves and their families while building a rewarding career with them.

Who is Ventia?

Ventia is one of the largest providers of infrastructure services in Australia and New Zealand. They are proud of the talented and engaged people who bring their values ​​to life, inspire trust with clients and make a difference in the communities in which they operate. Ventia aims to provide opportunities for career development in a flexible, supportive and inclusive work environment.

Why join Ventia?

Diverse People, Diverse Opportunities: Every function in Ventia is essential. From connecting people to faster networks, maintaining Defense Force facilities, repairing water pipes, cleaning up polluted land, keeping traffic flowing, and ensuring schools are running, its people operate across more than 10,000 locations across Australia and New Zealand. With such a wide range of opportunities, providing their employees with a long and diverse career is one of our top priorities.

Ventia - Bringing new meaning to flexible work

“I am a firm believer in the importance of diversity and working in a traditionally male-dominated industry, and I know that achieving this can be a challenge. It is not just about getting women on the team, it is about creating an environment in which we can all thrive and grow.” – Gisele Shufrat, Commercial Director

Work on projects that make an impact: The projects that Ventia works on are fundamental, diverse and creative. Whether it’s keeping a hospital in good shape, building and maintaining its roads, ensuring clean water gets to your home or even managing a bushfire response, the work done makes a difference in people’s lives. Innovation inspires Ventia; Using the latest technology in drones, 3D modeling and analysis, they strive to ensure that they always provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

Ventia and flexible work

Ventia is committed to creating a flexible work environment that recognizes the unique contributions and commitments employees make to its organization. They realize that flexibility can mean different things to different people; For example, flexibility in working hours or location, spending more time with family or studying part-time. Ventia’s “work and work from home” policies help its employees support their commitments and goals.

Employee Highlight: Brock White

If you’ve ever started in a new role that’s a huge change from anything you’ve done before and wondered if you made the right decision, Brooke White probably knows how you feel!

Three months into Brooke’s role as project manager for a digital services project management office (PMO) at Ventia, she met with her manager to get some feedback.

Ventia - Bringing new meaning to flexible work

It turns out that her manager thought Brooke was doing a great job, which gave her the confidence to move on. Four years later, Brooke is now in the manager role, leading a team of project managers and administrators as PMO’s general manager and project delivery.

In addition to the leadership training she participates in, Brooke is giving back by being promoted as a mentor for high school children through Ventia’s partnership with the ABCN Mentoring Program. This gave her the opportunity to use her skills to support and guide students to build on their skills.

“I am excited to support others to realize their potential, and this extends to the students in the ABCN program, my team and colleagues throughout Ventia.” – Brooke White, Digital Services Project Management Office Project Manager

Works at Ventia

Ventia is always looking for the best and brightest. Learn more about Ventia and find your next role here!

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