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Buying or Selling Rising?

Most traders see new highs in one of two ways:

  1. Buy marketplace that performs better than ever before!
  2. Selling the market at its biggest premium ever!

In the past week, small stocks hit new highs over the past decade, natural gas has done the same over the past decade, and bitcoin has exploded its highs in the past several months, hitting 35% since September 29. buy or sell?

Rise in inventories, natural gas and bitcoin

Source: Yahoo! Finance ( and dxFeed Index Services (

Bitcoin (re) price on highs

How the market has historically traded at high levels can help in deciding on a strategy once it hits new highs. Bitcoin forms an interesting trend, moving lower in the days following a rally but extending much higher after that, on average.

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Bitcoin average movement after new high in 2021

The next day next week next month – $125 – 360 dollars + 2900 dollars

Source: Yahoo! Funding ( as of 10/7/21

This type of price action can be an interesting contrarian game for short-term traders and trend trading for those looking through a long-term lens. Although the jury is out the following month in action, bitcoin has in fact reversed after its highs last week.

Bitcoin price risk at an all-time high

But averages are not guarantees. Contrarians and trend followers alike should assess the risks around these averages, which are in the thousands of dollars.

Bitcoin Standard Deviation After New High in 2021

The next day next week next month
+/- $1800 +/- $5600 +/- $6600

Source: Yahoo! Funding ( as of 10/7/21

The amount of risk does not necessarily sanitize the edge that may appear in the averages, but, instead, it can be a reason to reduce your exposure to the edge.

Bitcoin doesn’t lack in the opportunities section, but it has only recently seen the arrival of smaller, more accessible products with small cryptocurrency futures.

* Futures data from Yahoo! Finance ( and dxFeed ( as of 10/7/21

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