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Three habits that helped me become a better entrepreneur

While preparing for a recent podcast appearance, the host shared with me a question they were going to ask, which surprised me for a moment: What was the one thing that drew me to dedicate my career to supporting the business of growing MSPs, and just MSPs?

It took me a while to gather my thoughts and sort out everything I enjoy working in the MSP space, but once I got to the answer it was clear all along – the thing I love most about MSPs is that everyone you meet is an entrepreneur.

In general, managed service providers are not a place for large corporations or businesses. It is not a place for people who are highly paid who come in and do absolutely nothing.

Almost everyone I’ve met – and certainly every one of my clients – are small business owners looking to accomplish something great themselves. They are dedicated to the cause and willing to put themselves out there to reach these goals and from that perspective, we have a lot in common.

Most of the time, they want to grow their business for the overall goal of gaining more freedom in their life. It’s cool – even if we go beyond marketing tactics and strategies, whenever I have discussions with a client, the conversation almost always turns in the direction of “What do you need to do as a person to get to this point?”

I know I still have a lot of work to do in my personal and professional life and I am always working to get better. This is true of all the great entrepreneurs I know. The moment you think you “did enough” to become a better “you” can be the moment you lose a game you didn’t really understand in the first place.

Having said that, there are three primary things that have helped me get to where I am today – three qualities that I consider to be vital parts of my life and I sincerely wish you would too.

Be the best version of yourself

Every brilliant entrepreneur I met was clear on one thing: If you want to build the best version of your business, you need to build the best version of yourself too. This is by far the most important piece of wisdom I have to offer.

In order to achieve your long-term goals, you need to be more than just someone who can delegate responsibility. You must be a role model. You must be able to inspire people. You must be prepared to show them the way forward – both in terms of your customers and your team members. If you weren’t a great person at the beginning of it all, you’ll need to work hard to get to this point.

This involves being as healthy as possible – both physically and mentally. You need to put the effort into yourself because, at the end of the day, this is what will allow you to put the effort into your work.

Address the important things first

Along the same lines, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years is that willpower is definitely a finite resource that we have to be very careful with.

Willpower tends to deplete as the day goes on. So, I think it’s really important to tackle the big and important things in your agenda first while your proverbial gas tank is still full.

No matter what happens to your goal, understand that willpower is not limitless. You need to budget your willpower and be as strategic about it as possible – that’s how you get things done. If you’re having trouble with something and having trouble sticking to something, try doing it first thing in the morning – you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Make sure your vision is crystal clear

Finally, one of the biggest moments of realization I’ve had – and one that has had a huge impact in my life – is the idea that you need to achieve clarity about your overall vision once you can do that.
Having a goal in and of itself is a good thing and may be achievable. But clarity in knowing what you need to do, where, when and why is just as important to your overall career.

It doesn’t matter what it is – once you have the clarity of vision, you can start setting those important milestones that will allow you to achieve your goal over time. Without these milestones – or at least without the context around what to do – you will never be able to get to that point.

These are three personal habits I’ve acquired over the years because I’ve had great mentors and worked with great clients who inspire me. My team and I take our relationships very seriously and want to provide the same level of inspiration to our clients.

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