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How to succeed with less fear [PODCAST]

Mike Montague interviews Rebecca Hess about how to succeed in Fear Less. The scariest thing is to live a life full of fear. This is not live. It depends on the fear instinct to make choices for us. Rebecca has dedicated her life to overcoming those instincts and tendency to get upset.

Rebecca Hess is a speaker and author of Instinct. You can find it at

In this episode:

  • The best attitude, behavior and method for how to successfully reduce fear
  • Biology and psychology conspire to make us more afraid
  • People actually cheer for us when we get past our fear
  • The fear looks real at the moment – we have to determine if it’s real
  • Change your feeling of fear into a feeling of excitement
  • The placebo effect is real
  • slow your breath
  • distract yourself
  • Start with a small step
  • Seven instincts hold us back
  • Rebecca’s definition of success

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