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Cyber ​​Security Alert: The recent Facebook outage

On October 4, 2021, the global social network Facebook and its associated platforms experienced a global outage that lasted nearly six hours. This outage not only affected all Facebook users, but also blocked internal communication between its employees and made it difficult to resolve the incident.

Although misinformation on social media assumed it had been hacked, the social media company confirmed that a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) update caused a massive outage.

What is the reason for the Facebook outage?

All websites rely on Border Gateway Protocol to make their network visible to the rest of the Internet and an Independent System Number (ASN) to help them access specific IP address blocks so that users can access the website.

With this incident, the BGP update changed Facebook’s internal configurations, and the social network no longer transmits the prompt codes needed for users to access the website. These changes did not allow Facebook’s DNS to resolve domain names and caused an outage for all users. Although Facebook’s other IP addresses could still be accessed, it needed Facebook’s DNS to function, and these services were also practically offline.

With large websites like Facebook and Instagram with DNS resolvers handling up to 30 times more queries than usual, this has caused cascading disruptions to network traffic and how Facebook data centers around the world. Facebook employees struggled to gain access to company buildings and conference rooms during the outage, and the company had to send engineers to the data center to solve their network problems.

At the time of publication, Facebook services have been restarted, and there are no security risks for any users of the social media platforms.


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