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6 email design ideas for the holiday season

Last updated on October 22, 2021

The holiday season is approaching. This means that companies all over the world will now gather new creative ideas to win potential customers in the best possible way. One of the results-oriented methods will be email marketing campaigns. Fun right! Let’s find out the best email design ideas you should consider for the holiday season.

Taking advantage of the most lucrative time of the year is no joke, and companies are well aware of this. One of the most surefire ways to get there is to increase the visibility and promotion of your brand. And with email registering a total of 4 billion users globally, it’s hard to find a better channel to achieve this goal.

One of the critical factors that determine the success of email campaigns during the holiday season is their design. The more visually engaging the email, the better its chances of attracting subsequent posts and conversions.

In this article, we’ll look at six email design trends (and Email Templates can do justice to them) to help you start your holiday marketing preparations. Ready to take the plunge? Let’s dive in!

6 email design ideas for the holiday season

01. Animated GIFs

Do you want to attract the attention of your subscribers? Look no further than animated GIF emails.

adding GIFs to your emails instantly makes it lively, whimsical, and above all, more visually appealing than static emails.

The best part? You can get really creative with them – show off your collection, make a short product description, or even visualize customer data in a more understandable format.

Animated GIFs allow you to convey emotions that cannot be realized through words, images and emojis. As a result, your emails appear more intimate and elegant to your readers.

After all, getting customers to warm up to your brand is the ultimate goal of the holiday season, right?

Take a look at these examples:

Email Insights

[Source: reallygoodemails]

A great drummer takes the cake here, right? Moreover, using this GIF as a file Email header It’s a great tactical move, too. why?

Because it ensures that this is the first thing readers see when they open the email, which gives them an extra incentive to scroll down to the rest of the body.

Not many people you know will have a heart that looks away from a tender drummer, right?

1973 AD.

[Source: reallygoodemails]

Of course, the hero in this email is the animated wreath, but that’s not all there is to it. Notice how the copy and design are kept minimal and uncluttered to intentionally make animation a central element of this template.

While this may sound trivial, attention to minor details like this is what separates the best emails from regular messages. When you do your best for your copy and design aesthetic despite already having an animated GIF in the email, you defeat the primary purpose of including it.

02. Interaction

There is probably no better way to ensure your readers are engaged than by physically encouraging them to interact with your emails. Yes, this is possible!

From implementing CSS animated buttons to inline surveys to image carousels, you have many options at your disposal to make your holiday emails interactive.

Moreover, if you are feeling very creative, you can even go ahead with a simple tap-based game that revolves around a simple premise and story. No, we’re not just talking. We walked as well!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, send this email.

Saint Patrick

The email invites readers to join a fictional character named “Benjamin Banks” in catching the genie. When they click on the CTA (Catch The Leprechaun) button, they are directed to the game.

The following frame looks like this:

Email frame

The goal of the game is simple. The genie will appear on the screen in random situations. The goal of the player is to click on it as soon as he sees it.

If they manage to click on the leprechaun successfully, the following screen will appear:

email design

Clicking the CTA button on this screen allows the player to share that email on their social media handles.

Although the introduction to this game is very simple, this email has more potential to inspire more engagement and interest just because it is interactive.

You can see the email while working, Here.

interactive email

[Source: reallygoodemails]

In this interactive email, Penguin has coded popular book names into emoji sequences.

The decoding part is left to the reader. After making guesses, the reader must click on the title of the emoji sequence to reveal the answer.

For example, if you click on the first address, you will see this:

interactive design

As is evident from these examples, interactive elements, if used intelligently, can boost the quality of your emails by leaps and bounds.

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03. the acting

Let’s face it – brands can no longer be considered merely commercial entities. Such is their intrusion into our daily lives that they now exist as an active receptacle of our society.

This means that to earn the loyalty of existing customers, brands can only count on a small number of transactions. They are also required to promote public dialogue and demonstrate awareness of daily world events.

In the past year, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has seen brands around the world raise their collective voices against racial discrimination and inequality.

In the following times, brands began to include more people of color and those from different religious backgrounds, races, and sexual orientations in their communications, signaling loud and clear that representation as a design trend is here to stay.

Here are some examples:

Black Lives Matter Movement

[Source: reallygoodemails]

work mail

[Source: MILLED]

04. bold print

Bold typography is a very useful design technique for advertising a new product launch, upcoming sales, and new offers. Come the holiday season, this trend is gaining more importance.

Regardless of whether you’re creating new holiday-centric products or offering attractive discounts on existing products, the best way to convey this information in an email is through bold print.

In addition, bold typography can also be used to illustrate customer data in an interesting and visually appealing format, making it more attractive to readers.

Here are some examples that will help you better understand this design trend:


[Source: reallygoodemails]

In this email, Harry uses bold typography to draw the user’s attention to an important statistic and follows it up with a quirky, well-written copy to take their point home.

Christmas email

[Source: reallygoodemails]

The fact that Rifle Paper Co has 30% off everything during Christmas is kind of hard to miss in this email, isn’t it?

Well, that’s the magic of bold typography for you. It is among the best design techniques you will ever encounter when highlighting important information.

05. regression

An evergreen design trend, gradient promises to present your email templates with an elegant and sophisticated look. It allows you to create multiple templates, each with a different variety of shapes that characterize each occasion.

For example, at Christmas, you can play with green, red, and white to come up with a gradient template that works for you.

Likewise, for Halloween, you can test your imagination using classic shades of black and orange pumpkins.

Thanksgiving and New Years – what colors would you choose to create your own gradient?

Take a look at some of the email templates that have hit the gradient game:

Email Templates

[Source: reallygoodemails]

Because gradients make your templates visually rich and appealing, it’s important that you use relatively non-decorative fonts, like Harry’s did here.

The correctly chosen font stands out against the background and is very easy to read. Other than coordinating the font style, pay close attention to its color as well.

For example, because the background has darker shades in this email, the font was intentionally kept white to offer a pleasing contrast.

Here’s another example from 1973 Ltd:

Christmas email design

[Source: reallygoodemails]

06. Geometric shapes

Oftentimes, when brands add visuals to their email templates, they pack some sort of encrypted message in them as well. This is usually done to complement the copy as well as the products that were offered in the email.

Now, while this isn’t necessarily a bad move, it can sometimes backfire. You cannot always expect your readers to have the patience or time to interact with and decode your images to receive your message.

So, how do you make a file Template design Visually fun and subtle at the same time? Two words – geometric shapes.

Dotting your template with solid circles, rectangles, triangles, polygons, and the like is a very effective design trend that can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of your holiday emails.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these examples:

Registration for courses

[Source: reallygoodemails]

New year celebration

[Source: MILLED]

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Regardless of the design direction you finalize, it’s essential that you consider your brand’s overall image and tone before implementing it across your communications. Once that’s out of the way, the sky’s the limit for you. Wow your readers with holiday email marketing campaigns and enjoy the following festivities and cheers!

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