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Increase customer lifetime value with effective QBRs

Increase customer lifetime value with effective QBRs

I offer my new MSP Mastered® certification program for free in 2021!

My 19th webinar in the series begins Thursday October 14 @9AM PT

Increase customer lifetime value with effective QBRsThe importance of conducting regular business reviews to enhance the value of the services you provide to your customers and help turn them into strategic technology business owners with active IT budgets and technology roadmaps cannot be understated.

During this advanced business growth session, I’ll reveal how to prepare for and conduct effective quarterly business reviews (QBRs) that can help your customers increase their efficiency and productivity, mitigate business pain and risk, and maintain a competitive advantage in their markets through technology – all while maintaining your sales and pipelines. The project is full on a quarterly basis.

Session participants receive the following MSP Mastered® tool: QBR Strategic Agenda Model.

About the MSP Mastered® Certification Series

The MSP Mastered® Certification Series includes 4 levels with 6 online classes of live thought leadership plus questions and answers, along with an exam; and tools, templates, and resources to implement the covered strategies, presented twice per month throughout 2021.

First is Level One: Operational Basics (available upon request)

January 21st: Understand your finances

January 28: Determine the true cost of providing the service and the profits

February 11: Recruitment, hiring and designing high-performance compensation plans

February 25: Pricing and bundling for profit

March 11th: Develop key and effective service agreements

March 25: Optimize and integrate your business platforms

The second is Level Two: Service Essentials (available upon request)

April 8: Project management best practices to eliminate scope creep and leak

April 22: Service dispatch process for SLA success and maximum technology usage

May 13: Service Desk Incident Escalation and Lifecycle Management. to decide

May 27: Service desk reporting and KPI analysis

Jun 10th: Service Desk Management for Continuous Improvement

June 24: The rise of the new client in numbers

The third is the third level: sales mastery (available upon request)
July 15th: Marketing and Lead Generation

July 29: Prospecting for sales and scheduling

August 12: Sales Qualification

August 26: Sales proposal development

September 16th: Sales Presentation Delivery

September 30th: Bypassing Objections and Ending the Sale

The fourth is the fourth level: improve business growth

Oct 14: Increase customer lifetime value with effective QBRs

Oct 28: Advanced Prospecting Using Live Events

November 10th: Advanced Overselling and Cross-selling Techniques

November 18: Selling in middle and corporate markets

December 2nd: Strategies to Accelerate Growth via Acquisition

Dec 16: Exit Strategies – Sell High

I encourage you and your staff to enroll in the free MSP Mastered® Certification Program now, and I look forward to seeing you online!


Great job, thanks for the great info! Too much to digest – would like

Thank you very much for this valuable information to you. Waiting for the next lesson – Nick

Yoho! Don’t get bored after an hour – it’s a huge zoom day! – Vasily

a great offer! Thank you so much! – Nate

Excellent show, thank you! – Chris

Wonderful! Thank you guys so much for this great and informative session! – the above

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