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Importance of warehouse management for manufacturers

Having an agreement warehouse management system Its niche is critical for manufacturers to succeed. There are four useful tools in optimizing your WMS:

  • warehouse design
  • Instinctive rearrangement points
  • supply management
  • barcode scanning

These things work from each other to establish an environment in it Manufacturers can succeed. Take a look at how they all work together.

warehouse design

Often one of the biggest thefts in the manufacturing process is the amount of time it takes to pick all the raw materials and goods scattered throughout the warehouse. Everything in BOMs should be close and ready to start manufacturing a particular product. So, if you can cut down on worker hours that you spend picking orders, it will really boost your productivity.

Here are two methods you can specifically do:

  • Fix your warehouse layout to put frequently used items together next to each other on a similar side and shelf. An advanced warehouse management system will help in detecting these combinations.
  • Place high-use items close to the workspace and bring them in. This saves time in both the receiving and manufacturing processes.
  • Mark your picking path on a barcode scanner or other mobile device so you can go through your warehouse once and not have to go around and keep making the same rounds over and over.

Instinctive rearrangement point

Having a well-planned warehouse design is an unusual idea, however it won’t help you if you don’t have the right number of parts in that warehouse to enable manufacturing. Having fewer items in stock will result in out-of-stock and delays while over-stocking may cause unnecessarily high carrying costs. Instinctive Reorder Points with its tools help in maintaining the stock quantity in each warehouse.


Likewise, since the effectiveness of your warehouse design depends on having the right inventory in your warehouse, instinctive reorder points focus on having the supply chain management in place. It is important for manufacturers to maintain good relationships with their suppliers or sellers. One good way to keep track of all this is to use an advanced warehouse management system that allows you to track product movements, integrate with your accounting solution, and set virtual vendors for all of your parts and products.

barcode scanning

We briefly mentioned barcode scanners in the warehouse design department, and for now we should dig deeper into why these tools are so important in manufacturing. A small barcode scanner does two main things:

  • increases efficiency
  • Reduce errors

Scanning barcodes to pick materials, reorder items, and pick them up at your warehouse makes these procedures much faster than trying to deliver or record them. Your warehouse workers can get significantly more done in the same amount of time when they are not safe with old training.

wrap it

Planning and maintaining a warehouse management system with great design, instinctive rearrangement points, supply chains and barcode scanners is a huge advantage for manufacturers. It also allows you to move faster, be leaner, and ensures that your inventory information is correct at every stage of manufacturing. All you can do is apply an advanced warehouse management system. You should check out one of the best warehouse management software, for example, MetaWMS. It is an advanced repository solution, an extension of Dynamics 365 Business Central It provides unprecedented visibility and control over your warehouse operations.

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