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3 Automated Alert Tools for Supply Chain Forecasting

The majority of robust supply chain planning begins with a good forecast. StockIQ’s prediction algorithm has been tested on over a billion time series to ensure that it generates accurate and reasonable predictions.

Proactive planning with real-time insight is revolutionizing how you do it StockIQ Technologies Customers see plans and forecast inventory. StockIQ is increasingly popular and automated prediction prediction a tool Includes:

1. Forecasting vs. Statistical Alerts

Statistical Forecast vs. Statistical Alert will inform you when an item is under or over forecast and if additional supply planning for the item is needed. The goal is to help determine, in an automated way, when to make adjustments to manual predictions.

2. Alert history of forecast errors

The forecast error history alert will notify you when your item’s historical forecast error falls outside certain ranges. The goal is to have some automated notification when an existing forecast – manual or automatic – does not provide sufficient forecast accuracy and should be directed to make some changes.

3. Alert vs. Actual Expectations

Forecast vs Actual alert will notify you when your historical forecast (or current period) deviates from your actual independent order by more than the parameters specified in any given period. The goal is to help identify, in an automated way, when you have periods when something unusual might happen and therefore need manual adjustment or human vision in the form of an event or some other adjustment.

StockIQ offers world class Inventory Visibility Solutions for companies around the world. Our friendly integration Supply Chain Management Group It is plug and play with almost all leading ERP and WMS solutions on the market. With custom coding dashboards and plenty of niche insights, StockIQ delivers value across your business architecture. call us To learn more.

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