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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Optimization

The supply chain is a complex but vital component of any manufacturing and distribution business. A robust supply chain process includes all of your processes from order to fulfillment, and implementing them properly is the only way for your business to grow and thrive.

Are you satisfied with the performance of your supply chain? How would you rate the success of your organization in the areas of day-to-day execution, cost controls, production service rates, inventory turnover, lead time, lead time, profit, and return on assets (ROA)?

The role of ERP in improving the supply chain

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has proven to be the most valuable tool for supply chain management (SCM). especiallyMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain (also known as Operations), has been recognized worldwide as a leader in supply chain management. Microsoft ERP for Supply Chain Operations offers many advantages, such as:

  • Cross-platform visibility that allows for rapid resolution of issues, optimization of time to market,
  • Agile planning tools to maintain production before customers order,
  • Powerful analytical tools to help improve inventory logistics,
  • The overall efficiency of the equipment through intelligent monitoring,
  • Faster recovery from disruptions in the supply chain after disruptions (such as the COVID-19 slowdown.)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain gives you a unified source of data, so you have a complete picture of the entire supply chain process.

Dynamics 365 for supply chain optimization:

Reliable interdepartmental communication with a single solution

Your ERP system works across your business to connect manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and customers. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system improves supply chain management by facilitating communication between departments and eliminating information silos and delays. Real-time data updates with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT) eliminate communication bottlenecks and keep all interested stakeholders updated on shipments, inventory levels, locations, operational efficiencies and customer data.

Improved view of process flow

As an end-to-end platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain makes data collected from many sources available to different users. Availability of necessary, up-to-date and on-demand data improves accuracy and simplifies operations. Additionally, predictive analytics prevent production slowdowns and improve efficiency.

Enhanced visibility and overall transparency

A vital aspect of supply chain optimization is the comprehensive visibility that Dynamics 365 Supply Chain provides. Blockchain technology allows you to monitor customer demand, market trends, and inventory, providing the insight you need to stay agile. Transparency will allow for better interaction with customers and better problem solving. Management gains better insight into different aspects of the supply chain and can make more informed decisions when they understand all relevant data issues. Blockchain in conjunction with IoT can help customers securely and transparently track the status of their assets along the supply chain.

Demand planning efficiency

Supply chain optimization requires a solid understanding of demand, planning, and control. With the Inventory Management module powered by big data and analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, you can create strategies to increase control, improve profit margins, and improve execution speed, improving customer experiences through shorter delivery times.

Better supplier onboarding process

A robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows your company to move from a reactive approach to a proactive approach. For example, instead of reacting to the quality of materials provided by your suppliers, you can improve your onboarding process. Set standards for quality vendors’ materials. By creating and sticking to these standards, you can efficiently assess potential vendors to improve your sourcing and fulfillment strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain enables operational innovation and technology modernization in a solution that makes it easy for your team to learn and certify.

Operational innovation:

  • Synchronized data across logistics, sales and purchasing for optimal performance
  • Full visibility into product inventory to simplify the buying process
  • Advanced transportation and warehouse management to speed up product delivery
  • Tools to implement a standardized and intelligent production lifecycle.

Technology update:

  • Automated business processes built on the Microsoft platform for a unified user experience
  • Scalable web and mobile apps to increase speed
  • Internet of Things and Mixed Reality for a More Modern Approach
  • Seamless integration capabilities with business systems

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