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Why are you upgrading your local aging ERP system?

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!” But even if it’s rocking as usual, there are good reasons to upgrade an outdated on-premises ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. The first reason is what you can lose; The second reason is what you can earn.

What can you lose

Your old ERP system may have served you well for years and may still run smoothly. But there may be weaknesses that will not appear until it is too late. Suppose the software vendor no longer supports your version, or something went wrong with your local hardware. In this case, your important business data may be in jeopardy putting the entire process at risk. If your business is in this situation, now is the perfect time to upgrade to the latest cloud-based version, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What you can earn

Cloud-based ERP is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and secure. It simplifies operations, facilitates collaboration between your teams, and allows for flexibility and mobility, all of which are much needed for companies where employees work remotely.

Security in the cloud is strictly governed and arguably better than what you can guarantee on premises. Updates are implemented seamlessly and behind the scenes, so there’s no more scheduling them and adapting to work interruptions. With a cloud based ERP, you will always have the latest version and excellent support.

Move to the cloud

Are you considering a cloud-based ERP system? A Western Computer customer, image source, a clothing and promotional products agency, is ready to move to the cloud. They were using an older version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that is no longer supported. The timing was right as many of their employees started working from home due to the COVID pandemic. Image Source’s senior leadership team can see the value of running an ERP in the cloud.

They decide to take advantage of the capabilities of the cloud successor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Dynamics 365 Business Central. A new functionality of Image Source allowed each sales order to be treated as a project. This is ideal for how the company creates promotional products for customers.

Image source has also integrated SharePoint as part of ERP’s transition to the cloud. By integrating Business Central with SharePoint via DocXtender, the accounting team can now process electronic vendor invoices in accounts payable while attaching the invoices to the appropriate sales orders. Business Central automatically creates records links and sends them to SharePoint without manual intervention.

Cloud ERP also benefits customers and IT

Image Source has also been able to increase the efficiency of their credit card payment system. Western Computer has joined Solutions, which offers an application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The two systems work seamlessly to simplify the image source’s payment acceptance process. This benefits customers who now have an easier way to pay.

Cloud ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365BC also benefits the in-house IT team at Image Source. Microsoft Business Central manages the application’s supporting infrastructure, performs backups, and delivers updates automatically. Image Source’s IT team no longer needs to worry about database backups, security patches, and hotfixes to protect against external intrusions. Business Central’s semi-annual updates are automatic, so the image source always has access to the latest features.

Commenting on the success of this project, Sheryl Williams, Vice President of Finance and Operations at Image Source, said Western Computer crushed the Dynamics 365 Business Central application: “We appreciate their teamwork approach,” she added. “Western Computer keeps us involved in what goes on during projects, allowing us to stay on budget and on time. Their ability to manage projects is just as useful as their technical expertise.”

Would you like to learn how moving to the cloud with the help of an experienced partner can benefit your organization? Call Our experts at Western Computer, let’s explore the possibilities.

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