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9 of the best real estate business apps in 2021

The suite of high-performance real estate technologies contains some vital ingredients. At the center of all operations is a CRM for managing contacts, deals and pipelines. You probably also have an email marketing app to engage your audience and a phone book so you can easily contact potential customers.

However, it is not always easy to choose the best real estate apps for your business. There is so much to choose from that some people decide it’s too hard and don’t bother, or just go with what their friends or colleagues use. However, choosing the right applications for your real estate business is definitely worth the time and effort.

To simplify the process, here are some of the best apps for any real estate company to consider.

Best apps for real estate companies

1. HubSpot Data Sync – Bi-Directional Data Sync

Contact, Sync, Screenshot, HubSpot

For a fully functional real estate app package, you need your tools to play well together. Having different master data in each app can cause a huge headache, but it is a very common problem for busy landlords.

HubSpot provides a data synchronization tool where you can communicate your contact information across all the apps you use. This sets up a two-way sync, so when you update information in one app, other apps are updated automatically. This can save you a lot of time from having to manually enter data over and over again across apps.

2. BombBomb – Video Recording

Video Marketing for Real Estate Using BombBomb

BombBomb is the best app for real estate companies to build better business relationships using video messages. It helps you communicate with your customers more effectively by sending personalized videos from your computer or smartphone. Thousands of realtors use it to achieve great results.

3. Canva – Graphic Design

Canva Real Estate Templates

If designing social media posts and other graphics fills you with stress, takes up a lot of your time, and doesn’t produce the results you really want, then Canva is a great tool to come back to.

The templates make it easy to create anything you need for your real estate business, and for most tasks, you won’t even need a paid subscription.

4. Google Analytics – Website Analytics

google real estate analytics

Reporting is important for any type of business, and this includes real estate. Google Analytics is the go-to tool for tracking website traffic and understanding how to attract visitors over time.

For an easier look at your main ideas, many website management systems include integration with Google Analytics. If your website is hosted on WordPress, Exactmetrics offers a great Google Analytics plugin that displays the most important metrics on your dashboard.

5. Trello – Project Management

The best productivity tools on the trello homepage

If you struggle to juggle many different projects and priorities at once, Trello is a great simple cloud project management tool.

Trello is organized into a simple kanban board format, which in its simplest form follows the To Do, Done, and Done workflows. However, it is very customizable and you can even add automation that will perform actions based on the conditions you specify.

6. Buffer – Social Media Management

Buffer for real estate social media scheduling

Social scheduling has been around for a while now. However, it’s not just Facebook and Twitter that you can easily schedule posts for. You can now schedule Pinterest content as well as Instagram posts and stories using Buffer, and there’s also an option to include the first comment so you can post hashtags automatically.

Everything is organized on one simple dashboard, and you can repost the most effective content based on what the analytics shows best.

7. Ahrefs – Search Engine Optimization Software

Ahrefs Real Estate

Ahrefs exists to help anyone rank higher in searches and get more traffic, not just SEO professionals. SEO software strikes a balance between being powerful but easy to master with keyword research, site review, and rank tracking features.

It has a higher price point at just $99 per month for the Lite version, but with the $7 7-day trial you can do your first site audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis on a budget.

8. ActiveCampaign – Workflow Automation

ActiveCampaign Real Estate Automation

There are many ways in which real estate companies can automate their busy business and save time for individual interactions and strategies. One of the most effective first steps is to adopt marketing automation software like ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular automation platforms on the market and allows you to create highly customized email workflows and other automated customer experiences.

9. Aircall – Cloud-Based Calling

Ease of use of aircall

Connecting with leads is one of the key parts of any realtor’s job, which means you need the right tools to support you. Aircall is one of our favorite recommendations for receiving calls from anywhere.

Not only is it extremely easy to use with a simple and beautiful interface, but it also integrates seamlessly with other real estate apps.

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