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Trade in the crypto stock market

With two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum – now well above $100 billion in market capitalization and the former approaching $1 trillion, it looks as if all of this crypto stuff isn’t going away. In fact, an entire industry around cryptocurrencies has sprung up with several publicly traded companies dealing directly in the space, many of which have seen a similar rise to the coins themselves.

Crypto Stock and Bitcoin Performance (2020-Present)

Source: Yahoo! Finance (

Get exposure to the popular markets with standardized retail values ​​and expiration dates on the micro-exchange.  See why the little ones are making such a fuss.  >>”/></span></span></p>
<p>The small exchange has joined forces with 17 securities in the crypto sector to create the first stock index entirely dedicated to the region.  Small Cryptocurrency* index futures are due to arrive on October 4th, and they expect it to be highly correlated with price action in Bitcoin and Ethereum all at a smaller volume and cost versus existing Bitcoin and Micro Bitcoin futures.</p>
<h2>Last Monday in Bitcoin and Small Cryptocurrency</h2>
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Source: Yahoo! Finance ( and dxFeed Index Services (

Small Cryptocurrency Index Components *

Noun Code Weight Link to BTC
Advanced Micro Devices AMD 6.2% +0.3
Canaan can 6.1% +0.6
CleanSpark CLSK 4.6% +0.3
Queen Piece Currency 5.7% +0.7
if Ebon 4.8% +0.5
Bitcoin in grayscale GBTC 7.0% +0.9
Ethereum grayscale Fever 8.7% +0.8
Digital Marathon Mara 7.2% +0.6
MicroStrategy MSTR 5.6% +0.7
nvidia NVDA 6.0% +0.3
PayPal PYPL 5.3% +0.3
Blockchain riot riot 5.1% +0.6
Silverjet And 5.6% +0.5
SOS SOS 4.7% +0.5
Field mint 5.9% +0.4
Taiwan Semiconductor TSM 5.4% +0.3
9 NCTY 6.0% +0.5

*Data as of 9/2/21

It may not be a shiny new coin, but it is a step in the right direction for a new and exciting industry that exchanges have yet to offer the trading public a smaller way to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies.

* Minor cryptocurrencies are pending, subject to all relevant CFTC deposits

To learn more about how Small Exchange combines the efficiency of futures with the clarity of stocks, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on Twitter So you don’t miss an update.

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