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Real-time container import management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you import or transport goods internationally, you understand the complexity of managing containers and inventory effectively. There are a lot of variables and a lot of room for error. You need an import management system that fully integrates with your other office systems and provides real-time container management. 365ContainerImport By Western Computer Designed for full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365BC (Business Central) for optimal container import management.

Preserve vision during transportation
Companies responsible for shipping or distributing imports or exports domestically or internationally can take advantage of 365Containerimport for Microsoft Dynamics 365BC. All inventory integration, tracking, management, and customization functionality will be included in your Dynamics 365BC solution.

From start to finish, 365ContainerImport It gives you complete control over every aspect of container import management.

With 365ContainerImport from Western Computer, you can:

  • Combine items across multiple purchase orders into a bulk container for easy tracking and receipt.
  • Enable full tracking and visibility of inventory, containers, and costs.
  • Transfer of stock ownership while in transit or at your destination.
  • You can apply item charges by size, quantity, weight, etc. in transit to get an accurate arrival cost by item.
  • Track and analyze the detailed status of your containers across different cargo ships.
  • Keep track of container capacity, running totals for loads, and remaining available capacity.
  • Set the default cost allocations for the container code.
  • Dropship orders directly to your customers.
  • Set a final destination for the transfer order lines, and the transfer receipt posting will generate a transfer order from the receiving location to the final destination location.
  • Lot numbers reset during transfer and receipt.
  • Pass data deeper into your ledgers, including ledger, value entry, general ledger entry, and reservations entry.
  • Allow logistics teams to operate from a simplified dashboard that facilitates easy management of container and document operations.

365ContainerImport for Microsoft Dynamics does all this and more.

Integration maximizes your investment in Dynamics 365 BC
365ContainerImport It is designed to integrate with your existing Microsoft systems, including Dynamics 365 BCAnd Power B, and others power platform apps. Connect your container import data with other ERP and CRM data to expand your visibility, automate your processes, and empower your teams with accurate, real-time information.

Why not offer 365ContainerImport in action?
If you want to explore whether 365ContainerImport suitable for your organization, Call Our team at Western Computer schedules a customized demo. Here’s your chance to explore features and functionality with our experts, ask questions, and learn how 365ContainerImport works in your environment. Request a free demo online or call us For more information at any time.

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