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Grow your business with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit from switching to a modern and fast ERP system. No matter the scale, strength, or areas of improvement required, any business can benefit from switching to a modern and flexible ERP system just like Acumatica, the fastest growing cloud ERP platform on the market.

Check out sixteen reasons why Acomatica is the choice to take your business to the next level.

1: Proving the future in the cloud

Acumatica offers many advantages over legacy on-site ERP systems – including the ability to “future proof” your operating system. Working in the cloud, Acumatica eliminates the need for on-site servers, not only lowering costs and maintenance but also virtually eliminating the risk of data loss through natural disasters. As a cloud-based solution, Acumatica can grow and expand with your business, evolving to fit your company’s needs.

2: Easy and low cost integration

Acumatica features easy, low-cost integration with a large number of systems, data, and processes, eliminating the need for costly one-time integrations that tie together resources and time.

3: Simplify time-consuming business processes with technology

Acumatica features several emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Visual WorkFlow Engine, all designed to simplify time-consuming tasks to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. With tools designed to handle fast customer information entry, business event creation, and more, Acumatica delivers the technology needed to simplify every aspect of a business.

4: In depth reports for more insight

Acumatica features a powerful reporting suite, including real-time dashboards with navigation. By putting all the data in one system that can be accessed from anywhere, users have complete visibility into every bit of data, ensuring that their information isn’t out of reach or out of date.

5: Don’t fall out of compliance

Regardless, industrial companies have long and often complex lists of compliance and regulatory concerns that must be kept in mind. Acumatica allows users to manage all applicable regulations from within their easy-to-use system, ensuring there are no accidental failures to comply.

6: complete financial package

For many companies, the financial pool is the most important consideration when choosing an ERP platform. Acumatica features a robust financial package, including core financial systems, enterprise planning, revenue management, currency and tax management, fixed assets, project accounting, time and expense tracking, and payroll—everything a company needs to handle its financial situation.

7: Original fixed asset and resource management

Acumatica features a built-in fixed asset app that allows companies to track their existing assets, create new ones, and import data from spreadsheets. These assets integrate seamlessly with purchase orders and general ledgers to ensure error-free asset tracking.

8: Mobile apps empower workers

Acumatica is a cloud-native platform, with easy access from any device connected to the internet through its app. This means workers have full access to the entire platform at any time – ideal for field service companies, companies with on-site considerations, or where restricting you to an office isn’t an option.

9: Marketing and Sales Automation for Better Margins

Acumatica provides businesses with the tools to drive better profit margins through marketing automation, including targeted marketing lists and built-in customer resource management. Connected POS functionality and integrated field service management give businesses advanced tools to control their bottom line.

10: Better relationships with customers through a 360-degree view

Acumatica’s native CRM functionality allows companies to know their customers better, ensuring that their needs are met and they stay ahead of each customer’s interests. Built-in CRM tools give businesses easy access to their entire relationship with each customer, including orders, contacts, and open opportunities.

11: Automate order processing

Acumatica enables companies to use tools to automate several parts of the ordering and purchasing process – including order management, sales order creation, and drop shipping. Acumatica also features point-of-sale functionality and several integration opportunities with larger outlets.

12: Solutions for specific industries

Acomatica is the right choice for Which The company is seeking to upgrade its ERP platform, but it features numerous integration opportunities for specific industries, each designed to take the business to the next level. By offering several optional but original integrations, companies can customize their experience for maximum efficiency.

13: Effective work management

Acomatica is the highest-ranked ERP platform in its class for usability, making it the ideal solution for users of all levels of technology savvy. This extends to labor management, as Acumatica offers powerful tools for monitoring employee records and payroll, as well as employment management tools.

14: A partner, not just a platform

Acumatica is unique among ERP providers because it creates and supports only one product – Acumatica. This allows Acumatica to focus on providing the best possible products and services to its customers. Pairing this with a unique client rights charter allows Acumatica to build long-term relationships with clients, create better business links and ensure the best service across the board.

15: Reduce risk with top-notch support

While Acumatica boasts a whopping 99.95% uptime, there will always be scenarios that require support. Acumatica features top-level customer support, with many options available to suit every need of your business.

16: Specialized apps and local services for every business ecosystem

In addition to the original functions, Acomatica works directly with more than three hundred independent global partners in specific markets to provide additional specialist support, implementation and advice. In addition, the Acommatica marketplace includes certified applications across a number of areas to improve business functionality for customers.

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