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How do you help the development of small and medium-sized companies in the field of manufacturing?

Be it large corporations or small and medium businesses, the manufacturing sector is the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturing SMEs are finding it difficult to produce high quality products along with healthcare reforms, changing customer needs, careful management requirements, increased competition, and growing market drifts. These business challenges have created a daunting need to streamline processes, improve operations and maximize efficiency to deliver high quality products at low cost. Going predictably, it’s beyond the bounds of possibility. This is the place Pharmaceutical ERP It comes in the picture as a strong eyeliner.

However, many small and medium businesses still have a misunderstanding regarding the implementation of ERP systems by considering them to be too small. But they live in the biggest myth because the procedures they follow and the processes they implement are no different from the big manufacturing companies. They also need Advanced ERP Solutions To expand and outpace the competition.

Here are the top reasons that reveal why SMEs can’t afford to overlook the implementation of the pharmaceutical ERP system:

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the highly regulated industries where manufacturers must adhere to a lot of quality and regulatory compliance. Traditionally, ensuring compliance with FDA 21 CFR, cGMP, etc. It takes a long time and sometimes, human errors are no exception which leads to massive forfeitures. It can be blocked with an ERP solution that includes workflows, audit trails, approval controls, quality assurance, quality control capabilities, and many other features, making compliance critical to manufacturers.

Inventory Level Management

This is perhaps the most difficult aspect for healthcare companies to deal with. It requires a lot of resources to manage inventory efficiently. Meta-Pharma helps you keep track of inventory and prevent junk items. Can mark materials required for production, direct inventory management process, provide inventory level reports, and set goals.

Quality control and traceability

Quality control is the key point of a successful and effective ERP system. Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical ERP cannot be a different ‘module’ but is strongly integrated with all supply chain and manufacturing processes. In the pharmaceutical industry, quality control and quality assurance should be inevitable across the entire ERP drug interaction.

Batch process automation

Manufacturing ERP software can automate bulk processes and assist operators in their work. For example, an operator can look at batches to standardize operations throughout the manufacturing process. During batch and material activity analysis can be done using automatic system check. Batch of products that require checkout or corrective actions, the system will allow. It will also record all activities and audits in a database, so you may refer when needed.

Traceability and transparency

Using a batch manufacturing tracking system from raw materials to finished product will give proper traceability and transparency. It’s important if refunds are necessary, to be able to track down each product as quickly as possible in case of problems – and this can be useful for audits.

Proper management of documents

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, it is important to keep a record of all information and its documentation for future analyzes and audits. Granular audit trails require any system to be used in an exceptionally geared industry such as pharmaceuticals. Meta-Pharma helps maintain data in an organized manner that is kept in silos to meet compliance.

While choosing a pharmaceutical ERP system, you should consider its ability to track raw materials from receipt to completed item delivery. And its flexibility in the manufacturing process is extraordinary. Meta Pharma Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) encourages you to direct your business without the need for separate software packages or costly customization.

Learn more about pharmaceutical ERP and learn how to implement it call us in MetaOption.

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