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How digital charging increases efficiency

Technology is changing the shipping industry by simplifying processes that previously took many people and hours to complete. A recent survey revealed that about 92% of freight forwarders are involved in technology to improve their operations and add value to customers.

20Cube – the leading digital shipping company from Malaysia, China, Germany and Italy to Australia – has digitized the entire supply chain management process with our MyHub technology. We integrate warehousing and distribution, domestic and international logistics, inventory management, LCL shipping, delivery tracking, vendor management, and more into a single, convenient and customizable platform to give our customers complete visibility. This saves you valuable time and gives you detailed analytics to help reduce costs as well. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

Customizable workflows

MyHub’s Smart Track feature gives you real-time visibility and notifications of up to 24 key milestones in your shipment’s journey. Once the purchase order is entered into the system, you can monitor information about the supplier, reservations, shipping and delivery schedule, and more.

Monitoring these milestones helps you understand which processes are effective and where you can improve. MyHub also allows you to export custom reports to track the analytics that are important to your business. For example, you can monitor vendor compliance levels or supply chain efficiency.

Vendor Management

To help you manage global sellers, MyHub’s Vendor Management feature keeps track of your order process. You define purchase specifications and SKUs, and 20Cube takes that purchase order and monitors it through final delivery.

Normally, when placing an order, you and the seller agree on the date of shipment or delivery, and plan for the forward stock and estimated stock quantity accordingly. Tracking every aspect of product design, production, packaging, and shipping can be daunting, and if you’re one step behind in the process, it completely cancels out your expectations.

The 20Cube supplier tracking engine automates vendor communications to ensure delays are automatically predicted and you’ll always know when your inventory will be available. If there is any change or delay, based on your rules and specifications, 20Cube automatically creates a connection to the seller, asking them to update the MyHub system with the revised information.

Reduce supply chain expenses

With detailed tracking and reports in MyHub, you can easily view containers arriving at port, key dates for cargo availability, warehousing, estimated and actual deliveries, free time left, required, and actual disposal. Then, you can order deliveries and empty containers for returns to avoid unnecessary late fees and overhead costs.

Moreover, MyHub stores all shipping related documents, invoices and invoices for you. This way, you can see how much you’ve set aside for inventory, shipping, and other expenses to use your budget more efficiently.

The bottom line is simplified

As you can see, digitization plays an important role in the efficiency of your supply chain. With 20Cube’s advanced logistics technology, freight forwarding, supply chain and vendor management takes a fraction of the time, and you have complete control over your orders and shipments.

To learn more about our digital logistics management technology, set up a consultation with 20Cube.

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