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How to conduct a Cyber ​​Security Conversation with customers

In this timely webinar, I cover How to have a “cybersecurity” conversation with your customers. As an MSP, you are better equipped than ever to protect your customers from urgent cyber threats like ransomware.

But not all of your customers have subscribed to your basic electronic security services. This leaves you and your other customers vulnerable to threats such as technical supply chain attacks.

worst, When an unprotected customer is subjected to a cyberattack, their insurance company may go after you Although you are not responsible.

This means it’s time to have the ‘conversation’ with your customers about cybersecurity, Gently insist on it It’s time to move to at least a minimum of electronic security services. The challenge is to successfully frame this as a win-win for you and your customers (and it really is).

Join me and notice Acronis cybersecurity expert Topher Tebow and Our special guest is Kramer Sings, an MSP business leader I worked with directly and who has been successful in getting the conversation going with his clients By doing so, it makes each individual a safer participant and grows their business.

Join us on this unmissable discussion as we explore:

  1. The current world of cyber threats, the How they expose every link in your supply chain and services For costly downtime and data loss
  2. The price Additional risks you face In carrying customers without basic Internet protection
  3. The Difficult choices you may have to make with customers Reluctance to invest in cybersecurity
  4. How to have a cyber security conversation with your customers In a constructive and positive way that leads to a profitable outcome for both you and your customer
  5. The Realistic Experiences of an MSP Business Leader I have worked with those who have already successfully had a cyber security conversation with their clients

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