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7 things salespeople do after they lose a deal

Of all the difficult aspects of sales, losing a deal may rank somewhere near the top. There’s nothing worse than spending weeks (or months) working with a potential client, answering questions, creating presentations, and doing a lot of work only to bring them back at the last minute with a short apology note (if you’re lucky).

But if you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you’ll know that this kind of tragedy simply comes with territory. There is no final agreement until the ink on the contract has dried, and the cancellation period has expired. That’s why seasoned salespeople know not to count their chickens before they are hatched, and understand that they are likely to lose deals no matter how promising that may sound.

So what happens to salespeople when they lose a deal? It can vary from person to person, but the reaction is usually something like this:

1. They feel the sting of rejection

The pain is sharp, deep and unexpected.


2. They put their faces in their hands for a full minute

Coworkers know not to ask what’s wrong – it’s already obvious.


3. They are gCrazy at this possibility

Why would they waste months of my time if they knew they were just going to back off?


4. Theyfood for themselves

“I shouldn’t have tried to sell them. The basic package would be fine.”


5. They recalculate their commission check

The next check appears to have been reduced by about 40%.


6. They go to the break room and eat a treat

Snickers may provide some much-needed happiness.


7. They come back on the phone

Oh, okay. It’s time to move on to the next stage!


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