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Tive helps improve carrier delivery of OTIF Pharma products by eliminating flights

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Without a real-time view of the location and temperature of your drug shipment, you risk a costly failure in your supply chain.

the challenge

A new pharmaceutical client has approached Optimize Courier, a leading provider of logistics, to devise a solution to address costly losses within their supply chain. The customer lost $2.5 million in medication the previous year when their products were shipped at the wrong temperature.

Pharmaceutical products are shipped in different ranges, including ambient (+ 15-25 ° C), refrigerated (+ 2-8 ° C) or frozen (-20 ° C). The losses occurred when temperature trips occurred in only 1% of their requests. To complicate matters, cargo insurance policies do not cover flights.

The solution

The temperature expeditions were the result of unpredictable human errors, including incorrect preconditions for packaging or mishandling of medications by the airline. The customer was relying on traditional USB data loggers to record the temperature. Thermal excursions were only discovered after the shipment was delivered. Traditional USB data loggers cannot determine when an unexpected event, such as a temperature trip, will occur.

Optimize partnered with Tive to launch a multi-sensor Solo 5G™ device with every charge. Tive provides real-time visibility of the shipment temperature and sends active notifications for optimization when the drug shipment is in danger of experiencing a temperature deviation.

The Tive tracker sends an alert to the Optimize operations team whenever a shipment is in danger of deviating from the required temperature range. Optimize uses this real-time notification to immediately investigate if a package has been incorrectly pre-conditioned or if the airline has loaded the shipment into the wrong cooler. This advanced notification allows Optimize to take proactive measures to prevent any temperature outings.

In this case, a $500,000 shipment must remain in the ambient temperature range (+15-25°C) shipped from Raleigh-Durham, NC to Memphis, TN. The planned routing used an airline and its temperature-controlled passenger service, connecting it to Charlotte, North Carolina.

When the shipment arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tive sent Optimize an alert notification indicating that the package’s temperature had rapidly dropped to +17°C. Optimize contacted the airline and learned that the shipment had been mistakenly placed in a refrigerated coolant (+2-8C). The airline immediately removed the drug shipment from the cooler and placed it in the appropriate ambient conditions (+ 15-25 ° C). The optimization was arranged to recover the cargo in Charlotte, NC, using a temperature-controlled vehicle to drive the cargo safely to Memphis, Tennessee.

This real-time notification prevented the company from losing $500,000 in merchandise and saving the shipment.

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