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CBA: Reimagining how we work

Our goal is to ensure that the majority of our roles are flexible so that our employees can work where and how they choose. Hear from some of our employees about how the hybrid business works for them.

Ankit – Talent Acquisition Manager

“I was someone I wasn’t a fan of and realized I wasn’t going to be productive enough when I thought about working from home. Fast forward today, my whole approach to working from home has changed. I can’t believe I lost that option earlier. I can’t imagine going back to the office Five days a week even after the pandemic is over. I am able to plan my work week better, I realize how many meetings can be an email or text message and actual meetings are more productive. Engagement with the team, if anything at the highest level, has not affected. Even with people who have joined the team recently.As a people manager, I am able to better appreciate emotional needs and wellbeing and can empathize more than ever.

I was still able to take time for meals with my wife and enjoy more walks in the sun during the middle of the day with the family dog. When I’m done with work, I really disconnect (which I couldn’t do earlier) and enjoy quality family time. Hybrid work is at the top of my list of why I love working here. The way my team and I have embraced it is something I am very proud of.”

Laura – Executive Director of Financial Wellbeing

“I started CommBank as a full-time CEO about 7 years ago. For personal reasons, within a few months I requested to move into a part-time job, working three days a week. I had an open conversation with my manager, and we agreed on a job-sharing arrangement where my role would be shared between me and Fellow – with a day of overlap to prepare us for success.

A few years later, I then joined my husband on unpaid professional leave. My leader was very supportive, and the conversation was about ‘yes, we can make this work’. During my career break, I realized that it might be difficult to secure my next role because I wanted to return on a part-time basis. I applied for a full-time job and felt confident taking on the role four days a week – in accepting the role I had committed to reevaluating my part-time hours if it didn’t work for me.

I’ve now moved on to hybrid work – balancing being at home and getting into the office. This works for me because I can spend a lot of focused time at home and organize my office days around face-to-face meetings and team get-togethers. Throughout my career at CommBank, I have been able to use flexible work options to enable the lifestyle I want on and off work – with no or few compromises!

Brian – CEO

“I was grateful that I was able to take ten weeks of parental leave at the end of my daughter’s first year of life. I appreciated this contact time not only with my daughter but also with my son who was in preschool. Before that, my wife worked part-time And I was working full time, but then we decided to split the part-time burden between both of us to have an active role with the kids.During my time at CommBank I worked a stressful week, worked part-time hours, and bought annual leave.Having these options during the pandemic with two young kids It made things so much easier and allowed me to give my best to both worlds.”

Zoe – Director of Product Management and Organizational Change

“Working at CommBank has enabled me to manage a chronic and often fatal disease of the liver in a way no other workplace has facilitated – it has completely changed my life. Working from home part-time from day one, and full-time since the onset of the pandemic means I can manage work full time. Complete with improving my health.Most empowering has been the overall positive culture and attitude of co-workers to my arrangement.This is what makes me love working here – be it in person or online because I can throw myself completely into work without it at the expense of my health.I was on surviving, but now – ironically during a global pandemic – I’m thriving. CommBank as a life-saving business.”

Beiwei – Software Engineer

“I joined CommBank as a graduate at the beginning of the pandemic. I have spent the entire alumni program working from home. More than just getting rid of commuting and the convenience of working from where I am, I remember feeling really lucky.” “How well is the company responding to the pandemic?” Outside and the complex college schedules that seemed like half-finished jigsaw puzzles, flexibility in my time management and work style were two of the most positive aspects of starting my career.”

Elena – Director of Diversity & Inclusion Insights

“I joined CommBank right before the pandemic restrictions were first introduced in Australia. When I was living and working in Melbourne I really felt connected to my team in Sydney even though I had yet to meet them face to face due to travel restrictions. We made regular video calls, made time to play games Collectively, we have publicly shared the vicissitudes of life amid a global pandemic.During the second lockdown of Melbourne, I received packages of care from my team and heartfelt messages of support from people across the bank.It is so good to work in a place where people truly care about you and your wellbeing.

I am supported to work flexibly and often change my time in the office and remotely. My partner’s family lives in Perth, so I have had the opportunity to work from there when we visit. It’s a great way to meet colleagues in different locations. I love that I can achieve my professional goals here without compromising my personal goals and my mental health.”

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