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The perfect e-book cover size guide and publishing tips

Last updated on September 11, 2021

As an e-book writer, you will naturally focus on the content of your book and to a lesser extent on the dimensions or size of the front cover of the book. But guess what? These factors will eventually play a decisive role. To help you out, we have shared the complete guide to eBook cover size along with must-know publishing tips. take a look!

Content is king! no wonder. But while creating the e-book, you might skip thinking about the e-book cover size, thinking it doesn’t matter on digital platforms. Yes it is! Although there are no golden rules for cap dimensions, we have noted some industry standards approved by experts.

Let us help you demystify the correct e-book cover dimensions!

What is the cover of the e-book?

They say a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, but that’s not good advice. When was the last time you read an e-book that didn’t have a great cover?

An e-book cover is one of your best sales tools because people will always judge a book by its cover. Even if it’s small and barely visible as they scroll – people will judge.

The greatest e-book covers weren’t created just to grab attention; They are set up to convey a message. They are always the first teaser or prequel. It entices the reader to choose your e-book.

An e-book cover conveys key ideas and messages and accurately summarizes the main themes of your book with ease. It’s a great way to show your audience what they can expect from your work!

Not only are they perfect for conveying the right feelings and messages, but e-book covers are also meant to help you stand out from the crowd. This is what makes them great sales tools.

People won’t choose your book if they don’t like the cover. So, do your best to create the best, most attractive and comprehensive e-book cover. People can judge your book based on!

How do you choose the right e-book cover dimensions?

Consider these factors when determining your eBook cover size and dimensions:

01. Reader size

Readers may use a personal e-reader to read new books. A thorough understanding of e-reader sizes can help you choose the right one E-book cover dimensions.

02. Type

It may come as a shock, but different types require different size specifications. You decide how you will package and market the book. Be sure to consider genre to decide on your e-book cover size.

03. The number of words

When choosing a page and cover size, you should consider the word count. Different lengths of content complement different e-book cover dimensions. For example, you don’t want to choose a large cover size for a short novel.

04. designer

The designer can help you make important decisions regarding page size, cover art, and image size. On the other hand, you should try to gain more knowledge about e-book cover sizes if you are self-publishing.

05. cost

Did you know that the size of your e-book fluctuates too? If you are self-publishing a book, you may want to keep it small to cut costs.

E-book sizes for different platforms

Since there is no physical size for e-books, it can be difficult to know the dimensions. However, e-book cover dimensions vary from one publishing platform to another.

Here are the industry standards for the most popular publishing platforms

01. Standard e-book cover size

If you plan to publish your eBook on different platforms or another platform not listed above, you can use the standard eBook cover size. It is not practical to create different file sizes for different platforms.

Standard e-book cover dimensions range from 1500 to 1800 pixels. Also, we suggest you stick to the 1:1:6 ratio which is a very common ratio.

Additionally, we recommend moving to a resolution of 300 dpi as the diffusers will apply compression later.

02. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Recommended Size

Kindle is perhaps one of the most popular devices in the e-book category. Kindle Direct Publishing It is an Amazon platform that allows you to self-publish e-books. The recommended eBook cover size for the hash is 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Also, the KDP ratio is 1: 1.6. KDP accepts only two file formats – TIFF and JPEG. If you want the best image quality, refrain from uploading an uncompressed file.

That’s because Amazon will put extra pressure on your e-book cover image. Also, the cover photo file size must be less than 50MB.

03. Recommended Wattpad Cover Size

Wattpad has a huge community that includes different types of literary works. If Wattpad is the publishing medium for your eBook, the best size would be 512 x 800 pixels.

This site is not only functional but also looks more attractive to the readers. For Wattpad image format, PNG or JPEG is best suited.

04. Recommended size of kobo

Kobo is another popular e-reader. For all potential authors, Kobo recommends keeping the e-book cover dimensions to standard size. The best file size for Kobo e-books is 1448 x 1072 resolution.

The platform also suggests keeping the file size limited to 5MB and nothing bigger than that. Also, 300dpi resolution will work great on the platform.

05. audio book cover size

If you are making an audiobook, the e-book cover size will vary greatly when publishing an e-book. Audiobook cover sizes follow a 1:1 ratio. Also, to use this 1:1 ratio, we suggest you keep the resolution at 3200 x 3200.

Many claim that the size of this e-book cover is very similar to traditional CDs.

How do you design an e-book?

While designing e-book cover templates, you should keep the following aspects in mind:

I. File Format

If you send any cover file to an online printing service, you may want to choose the correct file type. The right type will help you keep the final size small and maintain the best quality.

Typically, the best file formats for an e-book are PNG, JPG, and TIFF files. Alternatively, you can share the e-book in PDF files.

Secondly. Precision

When you are measuring resolution, you will have to use PPI (Pixels Per Inch). This is because you are publishing the book on a digital medium. Most print-on-demand sites do not accept files larger than 2MB.

For this reason, most e-book publishers do not use a resolution of 300 dpi or more. Remember that the higher the resolution, the larger the final file size.

The industry standard is usually 72 dpi. Also, please do not use anything below 72dpi as it can be blurry.

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Third. balanced dimensions

The aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the height and width of a rectangle. Normally, for e-book cover dimensions, you want to use only rectangles.

You will notice that aspect ratios are stated as mathematical ratios. until the eBook Cover Templates come in the same proportion. The thing is that each publishing platform has different requirements for the aspect ratio.

Fourthly. Colors

If you’re looking for e-book cover design tips, color should be one of your considerations. Colors are as important as fonts, size, pixels, and everything else.

The best color mode for e-books is RGB. RBG ensures that your final output is of the highest quality.

Please refrain from using CMYK as it is suitable for print media only.

Tools for designing a perfect sized e-book

These are the high-performance, expert-approved e-book design tools:

01. Designhill

Unlike Canva and Fiverr, Designhill is more professional. The official website contains a group of graphic designers who want to Create an e-book cover is yours!

There are two specific ways you can create your own e-book cover. First, you can launch your own contest and have designers submit requests and choose the best of them all. Second, you can use a graphic designer to create your own individual designer to create your cover!

With Designhill, you will get many other features such as 24/7 support, multiple reviews, full ownership of the art, and a selection of the best designers on the platform!

02. canvas

Canva has one of the most comprehensive ebook cover template libraries. The tool has many advanced features to grab the attention of hacker readers. You can experiment with rental side graphics, vectors, and stock photos to see what works best for you.

Even with minimal design experience, you can join Canva and use its eBook templates. Also, since ebooks are a collaborative relationship, Canva allows you to save everything to the cloud.

03. Pfeiffer

Unlike Canva, Fiverr does not require any manual input on your part. On the contrary, Fiverr allows you to hire the best ebook designers to get the job done. There are hundreds of e-book designers listed on the platform.

Fiverr also allows you to consider their portfolios. The best part? Prices are very competitive. You can have a solid and attractive material e-book cover design With the least amount of spending.

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to wrap it up

With all the knowledge about the perfect e-book cover size, we think you’re ready to get started. You can ease your e-book design journey with the previously mentioned tools.

Right now, PPI, aspect ratio, and EPUB may sound like a foreign accent, but as an ebook writer/publisher, you have to make them your friends. After all, sometimes a book is judged by the cover!

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