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Your stress test – incoming logistics

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In the face of more frequent disruptions – from natural disasters to pandemic – supply chain professionals are shifting their focus to mitigating risks and assessing resilience.

After the pandemic, 93% of CEOs who responded to a McKinsey survey said they expect to increase resilience by rebalancing their supply chains, up from 70% before the pandemic.

Supply chain resilience stress testing is a key first step in assessing risk. The report advises, because risks are always changing, get the test done on a frequent basis. The stress test measures resilience across the following factors (see graph):

  • industry attractiveness. How successful is your industry in generating economic profit and cash transfer performance compared to other sectors?
  • Company flexibility. How well does your company perform on earnings and cash conversion cycle compared to similar companies?
  • global supply chain. What parts of the supply chain, including suppliers, can be at high risk when a major disruption occurs?
  • operations. What internal processes and labor pool could be severely affected in the face of major disruption?
  • Client. What clients may be at high risk when a major disruption occurs?

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