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From robots to running shoes

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With local consumers buying new shoes and equipment like never before, DHL Supply Chain and Locus Robotics have helped Brooks Running to meet consumer demand and prepare for future growth.

the challenge

Brooks Running is the number one performance brand in the United States, and before the pandemic, they sold 90% of their units through a retail store.

When the pandemic closed brick-and-mortar stores in March 2020, Brooks thought they might have to slow down.

Then, people stuck at home during the lockdowns started running, walking, and buying new shoes and gear like never before.

Although Brooks had been developing an omnichannel strategy for years, they needed to rapidly ramp up their direct-to-consumer channels to meet the rise in e-commerce demand.

The solution

To help navigate the transition to direct consumer and e-commerce distribution management, Brooks opened a new distribution facility in July 2020.

The company turned to its 3PL partner, DHL Supply Chain, its e-commerce expertise and knowledge of emerging technologies, to help maximize the value of its supply chain and deliver growing consumer expectations and demand.

Drawing on its deep experience, DHL Supply Chain knew that LocusBots from Locus Robotics—often called collaborative robots or “cobots”—provided many immediate benefits and needed to be part of the solution for Brooks.

LocusBots can be run quickly, and colleagues on site can easily be trained to work side by side on their first shift. It also reduces order cycle times, allowing colleagues to pick and pack orders to get products into consumers’ hands more quickly.

DHL has learned that its partners have enjoyed working with the technology for several additional reasons – a less physically stressful work experience with less walking and no need to push heavy carts; worker engagement and motivation opportunities through Locus’ innovative built-in motivation feature; And a powerful real-time management vision of operational productivity and workflow progress.

Most importantly, LocusBots gives Brooks the ability to expand or decline quickly, depending on consumer demand and as the business grows.

DHL Supply Chain’s collaboration with Locus Robotics has helped Brooks capitalize on the 27% annual increase in volume they’ve seen and put it in a strong position for future growth.

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