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Combat food distribution challenges with Cloud ERP

Food distribution companies face unique and ever-changing challenges. With rapidly changing environments and considerations, the list of challenges facing distributors can be long. By supporting your food distribution business with Prime FoodService, a modern, cloud-based ERP platform built within the Acumatica framework, businesses can tackle these five huge challenges that all distributors face.

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Drivers shortage

In a survey conducted in March 2021, 68% of respondents reported that they were unable to find enough delivery drivers to meet their needs.

Prime FoodService’s built-in road management tools and mobile delivery management tools help combat this problem in several ways. Route optimization ensures that drivers always take the most effective and efficient route, while an easy-to-navigate user interface means there are no costly time delays as drivers struggle to complete the delivery process.

These two factors combine to ensure that drivers complete more deliveries faster and more efficiently. learn more…

Shipping issues

Supply chain disruptions can cause massive adverse effects that continue to disrupt business long after the initial impact. By running their operations with Prime FoodService, they can completely avoid these issues.

Prime FoodService allows users to view and track all of their data in real time, ensuring there are no mix-ups in what’s-for-sale, charge-for-unshipped, or other common issues distributors face. With the ability to integrate with third-party data, this ensures smooth sailing, allowing for alternative solutions should something short-charging occur.

To learn more about how Prime FoodService can help distributors navigate supply chain issues, read more…

Product shortage

As mentioned above, Prime FoodService has many tools to help distributors deal with product shortages. With Prime’s powerful dashboards Users are always up to date with their information, allowing for quick solutions to problems, ensuring distributors stay ahead of customers’ concerns. With Prime .’s advanced ordering guide technology Distributors can easily suggest alternatives to their customers based on their order history, ensuring there are no buying gaps, even with unavailable products.

sales growth

The above sales guides also have strong potential for sales growth. It enables distributors to set up customer-specific profiles with typical customer orders. Not only does this allow for easy order entry, but it also allows for unique cross-selling opportunities, where users can add items they think a customer will need or want to their order catalog. This streamlines and simplifies the selling process, and benefits not only the distributor, but the customer as well, as they get a better and more personalized package of offers. learn more…

unconventional distribution

More and more distributors are bearing the burden of “drop shipping”, shipping the product directly to the final consumer, bypassing their customers’ entire warehouses. With the new improvements in the 2021 R1 update, this is now easier than ever. Prime FoodService offers the ability to link free-of-charge orders directly to their purchase orders within the system, meaning that there is no longer a need to link them manually. All order changes and vendor returns are managed within the system as well, ensuring top-level customer service, even on unconventional orders. learn more…

By supporting your distribution business with Prime FoodService, built within the Acumatica framework, you ensure that your business is able to meet new and evolving challenges as they arise.

Watch Prime FoodService in action with an on-demand webinar

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