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Interviewing ERP Consultants: Key Questions to Ask

Purchasing and implementing an ERP system is much more than the software itself. It’s also about finding the right team of professionals to help you set up your chosen program, ready to help you reach your business goals. Think of it like choosing a general contractor to help bring the blueprints to your dream home. Sure, anyone with the means can buy the most amazing and exotic items, but it takes a skilled team of professionals to put them together in a home that will stand the test of time. The same goes for your ERP software and the consultants who help you implement it.

And in some ways, finding the right ERP software can be easier than finding the right consultant. After all, you can try out an ERP system before you buy it, with a free demo or trial. But trying out a potential ERP consultant is much more difficult. So what are you to do?

The best way to find the right team for you and your business needs is to thoroughly interview ERP consultants and then compare them objectively. But if you’ve never implemented an ERP in the past, it’s hard to know what questions to ask. Many potential ERP buyers make the mistake of asking potential ERP consultants only basic questions, often about how the implementation process works, the costs involved, and the schedule. While these questions are important, they simply scratch the surface. If you want to separate one ERP partner from another, to find the best partner to help you reach the goals of your ERP project, you need to dig deeper.

4 Types of Questions to Ask When Interviewing ERP Consultants:

  1. Basic – Get the basic details of an ERP implementation project, like the ones I mentioned above.

for example:

Who will we work with?

  1. Set expectations – make sure everyone agrees from the start. It is important to build a sound foundation for the success of the project.

for example:

How often do your projects exceed budget? What advice can you share to help us avoid this?

  1. Culture – take a look inside the business practices of a potential ERP consultant and what it might be like to work with them.

for example:

What do you think is the biggest factor in the success or failure of a client implementation project?

  1. Experience – Find out if a potential ERP partner has the knowledge and skill they need to make your ERP project a success.

for example,

Can you share customer references from our industry?

Want to discover more questions like this? Get our full list.

Knowing the right questions to ask is a good start to finding the right ERP consultant to help you implement your program, but it’s not the whole story. Once you have the answers to these questions, you need to objectively compare one option to another. But how do you ask? Something that might be useful is a rubric where you can put the answers given by each potential consultant side by side, along with any relevant feedback. Don’t have time to put together a tool like this for interviews with ERP consultants?

Learn about our useful tool for interviewing ERP consultants

I have good news. We have already done the legal work and put together a comparison tool for you. All you have to do is meet potential advisors and enter their answers. Once complete, it will help you see who is best suited for your project at a glance. Download your copy now.

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