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How your MSP business can increase engagement on social media

Social media platforms are excellent marketing tools for your MSP business. Using social media makes it easy to interact with potential customers while also helping you showcase all corporate IT services. Staying active on social media will increase traffic to your website and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some simple social media strategies that can significantly increase your IT company’s engagement:

Interact with your followers

One easy way to become more interactive is to actively engage with your followers. Asking for feedback, creating polls, and communicating with reviews are among the many ways you can interact with others on social media. Creating a balance between providing promotional and useful content will also enable you to maintain a high audience engagement and boost your followers.

Use social plugins

Another way to increase engagement is to use social plugins for content on your website. These social plugins are ideal for blog posts, as they make it easy for users to share these posts on their social media channels. These social plugins are an excellent way to increase traffic to your website to maximize your reach.

Provide customer service

Staying on hold for hours on the phone while trying to get access to an MSP business is never a pleasant experience. Making it easy for your customers to reach you through social media is a great way to answer questions and provide immediate support. Other users will also notice your response on social media, it’s a great marketing tool for other businesses that need managed IT services.

Use Live Video

One of the best ways to increase engagement on social media is to use live videos. These live videos are much more effective than pre-recorded videos, as they provide an excellent opportunity to interact with your customer base. Interacting with users in real time creates additional trust, which is a great way to build a long-term relationship with your customers while also helping you develop more trust with potential customers.

Develop Brand Characters

Different brands are associated with a variety of age groups in today’s social media environment. Social media gives you a great opportunity to develop your brand to target a specific type of customer. Creating a brand voice and using a social persona can help you communicate better with potential customers and increase the reach of your IT company.

Social media is an excellent and free marketing tool to use at any MSP company. Increasing your social media engagement will help you stand out, whether that’s interacting with your followers, using social plugins, live video, or developing brand personas. Following these simple social media tips can make a huge difference in increasing your followers and expanding your customer base. Now is a great time to start implementing these strategies to help you increase engagement on all of your social media platforms.

How your MSP business can increase engagement on social media Last update: 25 June 2021 by Vincent Tedesco

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