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6 Reasons to Attend RevOps . Conference

The RevOps Summit kicks off on July 14th and we think you should be there. Here is the reason:

  1. Have a wealth of knowledge of revenue operations.

Join this know-how by sharing the mind of revenue. Revenue operations (rev ops) are an efficient and effective way to standardize the process and accelerate growth within the organization as a whole. Audits oversee all activities that affect revenue to ensure that actions are intended. This means that there is data, a strategy, and a process that underpins each activity. In our summit, we’ll dive into what audit processes are, how your team should use them, trends to look for in the industry, and more.

  1. Listen to speakers who know what they are talking about.

Hear from over 20 revenue experts from G2 Crowd, RevOps Squared, MarketStar, Canopy, Vidyard, Vengresso, Tenbound, Go Nimbly and more. The content will cover actionable strategies regarding revenue operations. Topics include operationalizing an effective sales training program, how to stop promoting and start a solution, technology in review processes, helping clients discover what they really want, and more, all from experienced professionals in the field.

List of speakers:

  • Matt McNulty, Heads of Division Operations at Canopy
  • Sean Paul, Vice President of Marketing at DurhamLane
  • Mike Weir, CRO at G2 Crowd
  • Lorena Morales, Rev Ops Executive at Go Nimbly
  • Jane Igartua, CEO of Go Nimbly
  • Philip Mickey, Director of Marketing and Rev Ops at MarketStar
  • Richard Sgro, General Manager, Modern Sales Pros
  • Ryan Breneman, Director of RevOps at ObservePoint
  • Nick Sedway, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Primary Intelligence
  • Ray Ray, CEO of RevOps Squared
  • Brad Rosen, Head of Sales Operations at The Sales Association
  • Justin Michael, CEO and Founder, Salesborgs.ai
  • Michael Bedon, CEO of SalesBuzz
  • David Dolaney, CEO of Tenbound
  • Jeff Ignacio, Head of Revenue and Growth Operations at Upkeep
  • Mario Martinez Jr., CEO of Vengreso
  • Tyler Lessard, Head of Revenue Operations at Vidyard
  • Dave Boyce, Director of Strategy at XANT
  • Scott Sutton, Vice President of Revenue Operations at ZoomInfo
  • Sean Paul, Vice President of Marketing at DurhamLane
  • Steve Richard, founder of ExecVision
  • Tim Wakil, CEO and Founder of ExecVision
  • Tyler Lessard, Head of Revenue Operations at Vidyard
  • Don Otvos, Vice President of Revenue Operations at LeanData
  • Jane Jergen, COO of AA-ISP
  1. Stay ahead of industry trends.

A strong operations team is essential to success in any organization, but revenue operations is a fairly new concept. Revenue operations cover the sales and marketing operations of a top-down central strategy. Some audits even go through successful clients and renewals. In short, make revisions in the strategy behind the customer journey. And if industry trends tell us anything in the past year, it’s that buyers are in control and care about the customer experience. In 2020, consumers are turning to experience exaggerated value when deciding whether to buy or not.

  1. Invest in your team and your business.

Leave with tactics to get better results for your team. Creating a better and smoother process for your clients is a huge investment for your organization. The customer experience is more important and more public than ever. Here are some stats to really guide this home:

  • 93% of consumers say that online reviews influence their decision whether to buy or not.
  • In B2B sales, 92% of buyers say reading a positive review influences them to buy. Get advice from revenue operations experts on how to improve your process, create a better experience for your customers, and ultimately impact your bottom line.
  • 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Don’t miss out on getting leads and more revenue due to bad customer experience. Invest now and your bottom line will thank you later.
  1. Connect with other industry professionals.

This has been a difficult year for communications. Even though many of us are virtual, we can still make connections and grow our networks. Expand your circle – Hear from new audiences and learn from the best in the industry.

  1. It’s free!

Do we really need to say more about this? It’s free advice from some industry professionals. Plus, if you can’t get to the event live, you can still access the recordings – so sign up!

Convinced yet? Register for the event here.

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