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Prove your measurement in the future with secure privacy solutions

Easier options for working with agreed data

Getting started with secure privacy measurement requires building a foundation for first-party data. Investing in a robust tagging infrastructure helps you get the most out of the data your customers share with you and allows you to accurately measure your campaign performance.

As consumers seek greater control over how their data is used, you will also need to develop your methods for respecting their consent choices. For advertisers operating in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, consent mode helps you achieve this by modifying how Google’s tags work based on a user’s consent choices for advertising cookies or analytics cookies. When users do not consent to cookies, consent mode will use conversion modeling to retrieve, on average, more than 70% of click-to-convert trips, ensuring that your media’s full performance continues to be measured in a private-secure way.

To facilitate your website integration with consent mode, we will soon enable implementation directly from your Google Tag Manager account, where you will be able to modify and customize the behavior of tags in response to users’ consent preferences. Accurate scaling that considers people’s consent choices doesn’t have to be complicated, and our new solutions ensure that it isn’t.

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