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Cookie Monster – Custom Tag Template

The cookie Monster The custom tag template is a file server container Tag template for the Google Tag Manager community template gallery.

Cookie Monster Permissions


Use the Cookie Monster template to set any browser cookie(s) you want in the HTTP response from the server container.

Each cookie is added as a new row in the table field. The configurable values ​​are:

  • Noun – The name of the cookie.
  • Values – The value of the cookie.
  • Expiration – Cookie expiration (in seconds).
  • specialization – On any domain to write a cookie.


You can install a file Values If you wish, or you can fetch the value from the HTTP request itself by creating a file The value of cookies Worker. For example, to fetch the value _fbc cookie in an HTTP request, you can use a variable like this:

FBC cookie

If you only want to set the cookie if the HTTP request has a valid value, you have to configure this in the tag operator. The Cookie Monster tag will write the cookie whether it has a valid value or not.

You can configure expiration and domain as well. If you set specialization to me auto, will attempt to write the cookie as high as possible in the domain name hierarchy. For example, if the GTM server is running on, Adjust specialization to me auto The tag will contain the writing cookie

Release Notes

date set of changes
May 10, 2021 HttpOnly option added.
April 26, 2021 The initial release.

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