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Transaction ID Reader – Custom Variable Template

The Transaction ID Reader The custom variant form is a variant form of the Google Tag Manager community form gallery. It is designed to work with the Transaction ID recorder tag template.


When you create a variable with this template, you need to configure two settings.

First, you need to submit a file Transaction number that will be checked against the stored identifiers. Typically, this is a data layer variable that returns the identifier from the enhanced ecommerce object or from the GA4 data layer.

When the variable is resolved, it looks for Browser cookie and/or a localStorage enter his name __time_gtm. This is generated by the transaction ID logger tag template.

The entry contains a set of all transaction identifiers registered by the transaction identifier registrant tag.

The variable checks if the transaction ID entered by the user is inside this array, and if a match is made, it is returned true. If no match is made, the variable returns false.

Instead of a boolean return value, you can also choose to have the variable return the full array of stored transaction identifiers, in case you want to process that information for some other reason.

You can use the conditional variable block Purchase marks from playing again if the user returns to the purchase page after the purchase has already been registered.

This is a workaround for my Universal Analytics” customTask debuper, because platforms like GA4 and Facebook do not support customTask.

Release Notes

date set of changes
December 11, 2020 The initial release.

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