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Gain insights and take action to change customer behavior

With Google’s free measurement tools, you can get insights into how customer behavior has changed due to COVID-19 and then take action to update your marketing strategy. Read on further to learn more about how to get started, and for specific tips to help your business navigate the coming months.

Understand the impact of your Google media

If you’re running marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website or app, it’s important that those visits convert into sales. Google Ads Referral helps you understand the paths people take to complete a conversion, and then credit that conversion for different ads, clicks, and factors along the way.

We recently launched a new look for Google Ads Referral Reports that helps you quickly see how customers interact with marketing during the buying cycle. This then makes it easier for you to take action in areas that lead to results.

A revamped overview page showing a simplified and intuitive set of referral reports.

Attribution models give you a deeper understanding of your ads’ performance to help you decide where to allocate your marketing investment. One model, data-driven attribution, uses machine learning to determine how much credit is assigned to each click on a customer’s journey, helping it to better explain changes in customer behavior during turbulent times. For example, if you’re working on behalf of a grocery store and are experiencing an increase in online orders from mobile devices, a data-driven referral may indicate that your mobile ads have a greater impact on increasing conversions than you realized, giving you the insight you need to improve performance your campaign. If you want to know the right referral model for your business, check out our official guide to mapping referral models.

Online customer journey measurement

The way your customers interact with you may have changed dramatically in the past few months. Google Analytics can help you measure the impact of these changes on your business through your website or app.

We’ve put together a guide listing some Analytics reporting shortcuts that can help you easily get useful insights. For example, if your business switches to the internet only, you need to make sure that you convert as many website or app visits into sales as possible. You can use a shortcut to see your weekly conversion rate for the last 60 days and identify areas where you might be able to improve – without looking through multiple reports in your account.

Visualize trends around your business

With so many rapid changes, you’ll want to understand how your business is affected. You can use Google Data Studio to help you generate a report and visualize the changes that have occurred over the past few months. Data Studio is easy to use, and anyone on your team can get started with it quickly.

If you connect Data Studio to your marketing campaigns, you can use these curated marketing templates to monitor the performance of those campaigns. Let’s say you need to create a report showing daily online sales from each Google Ads campaign over the last 60 days. You can use one of these templates to quickly generate the report and then select the best performing campaigns so you can reallocate your marketing budget to those campaigns.

Keep your website updated

During this time, you may have different business hours or different shipping policies. Instead of having to invest in an additional resource to update your website, you can do it for free with Google Optimize. When you log into your account, you can use a new feature to easily add a message to your customers to the top of your homepage. Either use our sample logo or customize the message by modifying the color, size or text.

6.png frame

Use our template to post a banner at the top of your website with an important message.

And if you need to make other changes throughout your site, you can still use Optimize to create site customizations. Optimizing users is usually limited to running 10 site customizations at once, but we’ve removed that restriction for the next 90 days, until July 31.

All of these products and features are available for free today. We hope it will be useful as you navigate your business during changing times.

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