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#GTMTips: concatenate tags using custom HTML tags

Tag sequence was introduced to Google Tag Manager in late 2015. Its main purpose was to facilitate sequential Launch tags that have dependencies with each other. Due to the asynchronous nature of third-party libraries such as Google Tag Manager, it is difficult to establish an order of completion with tags vying for the chance to launch.

Change this sequence of tags, because it allows you to create files Accommodation And cleaning Tags – previous shooting before The main and last tag after, after.

Setting up a tag sequence is relatively easy, at least once you understand how it works. However, custom HTML tags have some exceptional behaviour, in that you need to use certain specific commands to indicate the sequence once the custom HTML tag has completed its execution. This #GTMTips article aims to guide you to setup custom HTML tags in the tag sequence.


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Lesson 1: Sequencing managed using successful and failure callbacks

the two returns, onHtmlSuccess() And onHtmlFailure() It’s what serializing tags with custom HTML tags is all about. The first is used to indicate a place in the code when the code has finished running successfully, and execution can move to the next tag in the sequence. The second is used to indicate when a fail It happens, and here the execution is also passed to the next tag in the sequence Unless she has switch failure employment:

Custom HTML tag failed

Just to recap (but be sure to read my guide for a more thorough handling), here’s how to set up a regular custom HTML tag in the tag sequence, where Success And fail Standards are set.

note! Remember to enable Container ID And HTML ID Variables included for this purpose.

  var gtm = window.google_tag_manager[Container ID]; // Required
  window['something'] = getSomethingElse();
  if (typeof window['something'] !== 'undefined') 
    gtm.onHtmlSuccess(HTML ID); // Success, move to next tag
    gtm.onHtmlFailure(HTML ID); // Failure, move to next tag unless it has failure toggle on

Lesson 2: Callbacks for success and failure are not always necessary

This is something I think most guides have missed: You don’t Need onHtmlSuccess() And onHtmlFailure() In your custom HTML tag! The web browser executes all the code it finds in the custom HTML tag from top to bottom before moving on to the next element in the sequence.

For example, if you set up a Facebook pixel using custom HTML tags, you don’t need to onHtmlSuccess() in the base pixel tag.

fbq('init', Facebook Pixel ID);

// The following line is NOT necessary:
// window.google_tag_manager[Container ID].onHtmlSuccess(HTML ID); 

Why is the last line not necessary? Because GTM will pass execution to the next tag Whatever the case When you reach the last line of this tag. The web browser runs the code synchronously – there is no way it will stop in the middle of this tag and start working on the next one.

So the lesson is:

If you have an icon that always runs from top to bottom before moving on to the next tag, you don’t need onHtmlSuccess() And onHtmlFailure().

But, and there’s always a “but,” you’ll want to check out the next lesson, too.

Lesson 3: If you have onHtmlFailure()You’ll always want to have it onHtmlSuccess(), very

As you see onHtmlFailure() To indicate that at some point in the code an error was met and the sequence must be Not Continue with the next tag (since you have a switch failure), you should also add onHtmlSuccess() somewhere in the code.

This is because when using the fail callback, GTM will not automatically move to the next tag anymore when it reaches the last line of the custom HTML tag, even if the failover toggle is turned off. using onHtmlFailure(), you are telling Google Tag Manager to wait for any file onHtmlFailure() or onHtmlSuccess() Before deciding to move on to the next tag.

  var gtm = window.google_tag_manager[Container ID];
  if (true) 
    gtm.onHtmlFailure(HTML ID);

In the example above, the sequence will Start Go to the next tag. you have onHtmlFailure() Which Start met (because true Always true), but you don’t have onHtmlSuccess() Anywhere. So only this first tag is triggered, and the sequence never continues.

This is one way Will be work:

if (true) 
  gtm.onHtmlSuccess(HTML ID);
  gtm.onHtmlFailure(HTML ID);

This will also work (although not a good pattern), if the next tag in the sequence has a switch failure:

if (true) 
  gtm.onHtmlFailure(HTML ID);
  gtm.onHtmlFailure(HTML ID);

And since it’s synchronous code, you can leave both callbacks, and the sequence will continue normally after recording Worked To the console in this case as well:

  if (true) 

Lesson 4: Callbacks are at their best in asynchronous operations

In my opinion, the purpose From the sequence of tags is to create an order when the previous tag has an asynchronous operation. In other words, you want the browser to wait for the process to complete before telling the next flag to start.

For example, here we load the jQuery library asynchronously, waiting for it to be fully loaded before moving to the next tag:

(function() {
  var gtm = window.google_tag_manager[Container ID];
  var el = document.createElement('script');
  el.async = true;
  el.src = 'https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js';
  el.addEventListener('load', function() {
    gtm.onHtmlSuccess({HTML ID});

as you see, onHtmlSuccess() Included in .’s callback load The listener, which is called only after the library has been downloaded and the browser has executed the code inside.


Working with custom HTML tags in the tag sequence has some I caught you You should be aware of this, but there is very little to be game breaking. The biggest “mistake” I see people doing is adding onHtmlSuccess() Callback to end of synchronously executing code block – this is not necessary only if you have onHtmlFailure() somewhere in the code too.

I hope this article explained how custom HTML tags and tag sequences work together.

Let me know in the comments if you have other questions!

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