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# GTMTips: check the undefined value

This is one of the #GTMTips posts I was sure I already wrote. So it was a slight surprise when I realized that I had never really touched this aspect of Google Tag Manager.

It’s short and sweet advice again. Today we will learn How to check if a variable is undefined using Google Tag Manager.


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Tip 73: Check for undefined variable values

If the variable undefined, it means that the variable with the given name does not currently have any valid value in memory. In JavaScript, the typical test for files undefined It is done like this:

function checkIfUndefined(variable) 
  return typeof variable === 'undefined';

With Google Tag Manager, you cannot run JavaScript assessments in triggers. Alternatively, if you wanted to do the above check, you would need to create a custom JavaScript variable that returns true If the variable whose state you want to check is already undefined.

However, there is an easier way. Google Tag Manager does some magic and lets you search for it undefined Type using a simple string check. This might sound a little funky, and it is, but it’s currently the fastest way to check it out undefined Write without having to resort to additional flights through a custom JavaScript variable.

The method itself is really simple. In the trigger where you want to run the scan, just create a new condition that checks if the given variable is or not is not equal undefined, Such that:

Check if the variable is undefined

This operator is triggered if the value in Page Type is not undefined.

Note that this only checks for undefined variables. It does not work with others falsify values ​​like falseAnd nullAnd 0, or NaN. For these, you’ll have to do additional checks, and you can even use a regular expression:

Worker Does not match regular expression (ignore case) ^ (unknown | null | 0 | error | NaN |) $

All of these pseudo-values ​​are resolved to strings in GTM to check for triggers. The above regular expression matches all false values ​​in JavaScript, and is thus useful as a general check for potentially invalid values ​​in variables.

Some issues with the GTM approach can arise if you already have a string literal, for example "undefined" as a variable value. It’s not an impossible scenario to conjure up, because “unspecified” is a word that has functional depth in the English language. There is no way for GTM to distinguish between this valid string value and undefined The value that the variable might have, at least not in the operators. So to make the scan as robust and clear as possible, you have to resort to a custom JavaScript variable after all.

  var variableToValidate = Some Variable;
  return !!variableToCheckForFalsy;

Returns the above custom JavaScript variable true If the variable contains a true and non-false value (eg sincerity) value and false Unlike that.

By the way, I didn’t make up this stuff sincerity And falsify Terms. Terminology is accepted in programming.

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