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#GTMTips: Edit Google Analytics tag settings

When the Google Analytics Settings variant was introduced in May 2017, it significantly changed the Google Analytics tag user interface in the Google Tag Manager. The default user interface for modifying a tag has been stripped from all settings for GA and new Google Analytics Settings The dropdown was the alternative.

Unfortunately, the bulk of Google Tag Manager articles online (including those in this blog) still refer to the old interface in screenshots and instructions. This #GTMTips article is a very quick tip to show you how to expose your tag’s settings without using the Google Analytics Settings variable.


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Tip 72: Edit Google Analytics Tag Settings

If you want to reveal a file More settings The menu, which includes items such as Fields to be setAnd Custom Dimensions And E-Commerce Settings (among other things), all you have to do is check the box titled:

Activate override settings in this tag.

This setting means that even if a tag uses the Google Analytics settings variable as the basis for all of its settings, any changes you make to the settings for the tag can be used to override those set by the variable.

Similarly, if you don’t You want to use the Google Analytics settings variable, you Should Check this box to edit the fields for the tag.

For fields with free text entry, like Fields to be set And Custom Dimensions, any rows you add will override the equivalent settings or dimensions you set in the Google Analytics Settings variable.

Some areas such as Tracking ID and all fields with a drop down to choose the value (eg Enable Enhanced E-Commerce Features) also let you inherit The value from the Google Analytics settings variable (the default option), or you can override the settings variable with some other value.

Inherit settings

To summarize, just check Activate override settings in this tag If you want to reveal the hidden More settings List in your tags. However, I recommend that you take a look at the Google Analytics Settings variant, and take the time to migrate your Google Analytics tags to use them. It will make your life a lot easier, especially if you manage a large number of GA tags!

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